Wysolone steroids side effects

Hi Doc,
I am 56 year old male, married, height 5 foot 10 inch, weight 61 kg , from West Bengal and since past 20 years I have been suffering from lose motion with mucus 2-3 times in the morning and doctors prescribed it as IBS . Lastly, I have gone through treatment in Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Hyderabad All the test had been done like colonoscopy, colour Doppler scan test, all related blood test & hydrogen breath test but nothing found except ? Small intestinal Bacterial overgrowth in hydrogen breathe test.
Medicine prescribed is
Cap VSL#3 one cap OD X 1 month
Tab Sibofix 550 mg 1 tab BD X 10 days
Tab Normaxin 1-0-1 x 1 month
Cap Ganatontotal 1 cap OD X 1 month

Hi sir
I am having Grade IV Ulcerative Colittis since 2012. I am on Mesacol…I had take steroids blood has stopped but feel pain while passing stool and tpass stool remain 5 times in a day I pass stool. I have quitted milk..and non veg…I cant eat too much Vitamin d and Vitamin B 12 is very also suffer from Migrain ,obesity,high Cholestrol high bp….I am not able to focus on any thing always feel tired and lethargic….powerless……this all happend since 2012…when i have diagnosed with Ulcerative after taking steroids blood has been stopped else things were so worse .I cud nt control my motions .too much gas in me..flatulance …i am sinusitis also. Currently i take mesacol azoram 75 mg
kindly advise

Wysolone steroids side effects

wysolone steroids side effects


wysolone steroids side effectswysolone steroids side effectswysolone steroids side effects