Where do you keep your steroids

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DIY Tracking also supplies a special system for marking your valuable possessions such as laptops, cell phones TV's or any other article. These datadots are the modern equivalent of the microdot, and have a unique serial number that can only be read with a microscope, but which identifies the article as being yours. You register this serial number on the database which the police have access to. When stolen goods are recovered the police are specially trained to look for the DataDots and have your goods second hand goods act requires that the identity of the person transacting be recorded and if there is a suspicion that the goods are stolen it must be reported to the police. DataDots are an excellent means of proving ownership and is verifiable. A copy of the Second-hand Goods Act 2009 is available for you to download in our Downloads section. 

Thanks so much for sharing Julia. I agree wholeheartedly that Israel is the center of God’s activity and the apple of his eye (as explicitly stated in Scripture). I’m not dogmatic about Tarshish being Britain and the young lions being America and other locations initially colonized by Britain. But, I will say that from the bit of study that I have done, I’m convinced that Tarshish is Britain (vs. Spain as some suggest) and that her “young lions” would logically be younger countries that stem from Britain. Space does not allow for a full explanation here, but as you know entire books have been written about the subject. Again I’m not dogmatic about Britain and America being veiled in Ezekiel’s account, and it doesn’t impact any overarching/major events of the rapture or the tribulation period either way—but it is my personal conviction based on much study and prayer that Britain and the US are in Ezekiel’s account. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your interest in Bible prophecy! Your Friend In Christ, Todd

Where do you keep your steroids

where do you keep your steroids


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