Transforaminal steroid injection cpt

Transforaminal Epidural steroid injections can reduce sciatica pain by almost 90 percent, according to the Anesthesia and Analgesia, a noted reference on the addition, a study published in the journal PM & R: the Study of Injury, Function, and Rehabilitation found that the transforaminal approach was superior to placebo procedures in decreasing radicular, or nerve related pain. It is most effective for sciatica pain, though less effective for simple lower back pain. Patients report feeling less pain, greater mobility, and increased quality of life. With relatively few side effects, epidural steroid injections are a viable treatment option.

As mentioned above, there may be more than one spinal structure causing your spine pain.  Sometimes, there are multiple causes for your spine pain or radiculopathy.  In this case, Dr. Lee may recommend alternative treatment options or steriod injections.  For example, if your sciatica/leg pain or hand pain improves with epidural steroid injection but you still have low back pain or neck pain, you may benefit from facet joint injections.  But, whatever the case, you will need further evaluation by Dr. Lee to decide on further treatment.  Remember that there are multiple treatments available now for pain and just because one method yielded partial or no response DOES NOT necessarily mean you will “just have to live with the pain”!

Lying in bed on your back without a pillow is one way to relieve the pressure on the nerve. While the relief isn’t always instant, the reduced pressure may help the swelling of the nerve go down and then slip back into proper placement.
Other treatments may involve physical or occupational therapy. Pain relief treatments can help you deal with that pain while waiting for the nerve to not longer be compressed through natural healing or by other treatments your doctor prescribes. One method that has had great results for patients seeking relief is the cervical transforminal epidural steroid injection.

Transforaminal steroid injection cpt

transforaminal steroid injection cpt


transforaminal steroid injection cpttransforaminal steroid injection cpttransforaminal steroid injection cpttransforaminal steroid injection cpttransforaminal steroid injection cpt