Steve michalik steroids

Steve Michalik, a triple-crown bodybuilding champion, whose twenty-five titles include Mr. USA, Mr. America, and Mr. Universe, began his unique system of Atomic Fitness Training as a young man. Steve has been written up in The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Newsday, and numerous other newspapers and magazines; he has appeared on several dozen television programs, has been interviewed on radio talk shows, and has received honors and awards for his longstanding campaign against the use of steroids and his promotion of bodybuilding and fitness.

Like Captain Ahab whose ultimate demise resulted from his relentless pursuit of Moby Dick; Michalik's obsession with the aging process and his concomitant loss of strength and power would eventually be his downfall. A mild stroke, heart attack, and finally the kidney transplant must have been way more of a burden to the former Mr. America—a man who liked to smash sledge hammers into the headlights of gym members who neglected to pay their dues on time—than any of us mere mortals can ever imagine. In the end, Michalik's "white whale" was Father Time himself!

Steve michalik steroids

steve michalik steroids


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