Steroids widen shoulders

If muscles in the neck are tense they may constrict the nerves and blood vessels leading to ischaemia, or reduced blood flow, to the head and neck. The reduced blood flow means less oxygen and nutrients available to the cells, which can cause acute and long term damage and pain. Specific conditions involving poor blood flow to the head due to anatomical irregularities, poor circulation, damaged blood vessels from high blood pressure, or sclerosis of the veins and arteries in the neck can also compromise cellular health and lead to neck and head pain.

hello mam..
mam i have normal skin… but now a days i found some small pores on cheeks.
Just wanted to know that in morning i m using curd and evening i used to apply oats powered with milk only for 1-2 minutes like face wash.. in between i used to do home made toner either its is rose or tulsi as per your website. and for moisture i only use alovera gel.
No other things i m using. Its okay na mam just to want to know your views.
Pores close ho jaenge na…..and this daily routine is quite enough na??
Please reply Mam

Hi Garry! I hope you answer my queries!
Im 16 years old! I started going to the gym 4-5 months back! My height is about 5’8 and a half and my weight is about 62 kgs!
My trainer told me to do one body part a day.. To gain weight and muscle mass.. Is that right?
One more thing.. Im just a little obsessed about chest! My chest is pretty nice ive noticed a slight slight hunch on my back.. Will working out my upper back muscles do? (Yes i do back excersices once a week) and what are the best excersices for back?
Thanks alot!

Steroids widen shoulders

steroids widen shoulders


steroids widen shoulderssteroids widen shoulders