Steroids in baseball newspaper articles

In earlier days of baseball, "trust" was an important word that related to collective bargaining agreement and steroids because they both go in hand. A huge reason why Major League Baseball had no drug testing was because of trust. Now of days, trust isn't all that important. Players can not be trusted anymore because too many players are using steroids. Among ballplayers, the association must find a way to either prove or disprove steroid use. A member of the association can not just go up to a random baseball player and ask if they use steroids. The reason is because someone can not rely on a player to come forward and say, "I use steroids (Morgan 2)."

Over most of the course of Major League Baseball history, steroid testing was never a major issue. In 1991, Commissioner Fay Vincent sent a memo to all teams stating that steroid use was against the rules, though there was no official rule change. Vincent himself has said that the memo was intended as a "moral statement" to the players rather than a "legal one" [26] , that "the only way a change could be made was through collective bargaining," [26] and "When I left baseball, there was no written policy on drug activity in baseball." [26]

I enjoyed this episode very much. At one point in discussing changes to the game, I was reminded of seeing an episode of Real Sports on HBO where they looked at having computers calling balls and strikes. They referenced a study that showed a bit of an edge to the home team in how umpires tend to call them. They called it ‘The Enrico Palazzo Effect’, referring to Leslie Neilson’s character in ‘The Naked Gun’. When Neilson’s character stands in a umpire, he quickly realizes that the crowd is behind him when calling in their favor. They also talked about how taking that duty away from the umpire allows the ump to focus on managing the game flow better.

Steroids in baseball newspaper articles

steroids in baseball newspaper articles


steroids in baseball newspaper articlessteroids in baseball newspaper articlessteroids in baseball newspaper articlessteroids in baseball newspaper articlessteroids in baseball newspaper articles