Steroid shots for cats with asthma

Surgery:   Surgical removal remains the best option in providing a cure for certain types of cancer in cases where a solitary tumor is present with no associated metastasis. During removal the surgeon will strive to obtain 3 cm margins in all directions of the tumor. This results in a large incision in relationship to the size of the tumor removed. In general the perimeter of the tumor contains the most aggressive cells, as they are the ones responsible for spreading the cancer to associated healthy tissues and increasing its size. To ensure that clean margins are obtained all removed masses should be submitted for histopathology. In cases where cancer cells are still present along the periphery, another surgery should be performed promptly or radiation or chemotherapy therapy should be instituted to reduce its ability to spread. In cases where masses do return they often are more aggressive than the initial tumor because as stated above the more aggressive cells at the periphery are what were left behind.

My cat has painful teeth and bad kidneys such that he needs to be given subcutaneous fluids every day. He is now throwing up his food and in pain and we think it’s his teeth but the vet says his kidneys won’t tolerate anesthesia so he can’t help with the teeth. I want to give him oil of oregano because that kills gram negative bacteria such as grow in teeth infections. I read that cats can take this if it’s natural (high quality w/o fillers of any kind) and of course that it must be diluted as oil of oregano is extremely irritating. At the same time I see at many other sites that oil of oregano is toxic to cats because it requires some enzyme (glucaridase?) to eliminate phenols (whatever their source). So…I am not talking about giving this every day but maybe for 3-5 days or so to get rid of infection. What advice do you have on this? Thanks

The shots definitely helped A LOT with Elsie, but we still need to take steps to minimize the allergens in our home. Elsie is also allergic to dust – which often means dust mites. We’ve found that using dust mite covers on our mattresses and pillows helped us, so if Napoleon sleeps near your bed, it’s possible it could help him too. You’ll want to regularly wash Napoleon’s bedding too. The dehumidifier is also supposed to be very good at keeping down the mites – we use ours throughout the year, as we live in a pretty humid climate. Keeps down mold too (another allergen). I guess there isn’t one right answer, we all just need to try to find the best combination of steps that works for our pet and our family.

Steroid shots for cats with asthma

steroid shots for cats with asthma


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