Stanozolol max dose

Obviously this is quite a difficult issue, doping in general. I don’t think it can ever be eliminated or even significantly reduced. That being said, I still think we should try. In my opinion, we should continue to fight for that very unrealistic dream of “natural athletes”. I’d love to see what humans are really capable of, even though many would rather go back to an era of Blagoevs, Zlatevs, Suleymanoglus etc. And as for today, we should at least not give preferential treatments to anyone. Every time I hear a British/American low tier lifter whine about the “mighty, roided Russians” or shit like that my stomach turns. Like they’re fuckin clean. And people hate on the exceptional Russian lifters calin them out, while praising Xiaojun and Ilya, who are obiously doped af. It ain’t right.

Concerning the dosage to liver toxicity issue, do you feel that it's a somewhat linear relationship in the sense that 100mg will do twice as much damage as 50mg? Or is it more like there's a threshold depending on the user that, once surpassed, will begin to cause damage in a dose-dependent fashion? In other words, if 40mg / day is as much as my liver can handle, then taking 30mg / day may stress the liver but will cause no damage, whereas 50mg / day will damage the liver, and 60mg / day will damage the liver at twice the rate as 50mg, etc.?

Stanozolol max dose

stanozolol max dose


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