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16 athletes will take part in Olympic Games in the weight-group up to 130 kg. It’s necessary to give a special attention to the wrestlers who are trained according to the Russian method. I can name them: Bulgarian, the champion of the European championship in 1997 year and prizeman of Olympic Games Sergey Murejko; Cuban, Olympic champion in Barcelona in the weight-group up to 100 kg Gecktor Millian. The US team can bring a surprise because there is a rather sharp competition at US national championships in the heavy weight-group. Generally, all rivals are not from a hospital bed; all of them are worthy of respect. It seems Sergey Murejko is the most inconvenient opponent. In the present Olympic cycle we met three times: at the World championships in Wrotslaw and Athens and in the final of the European championship in Moscow in 2000 year. These three duels were finished with the equal score 2:0 to me. My victory is the best commentary of my shape and training.

Wood, Elijah. A very nice man. FOD, seen with Franka Potente to forestall rumors of his liking men, specifically Dominic Monaghan. Wood, Natalie. Had trouble remaining faithful to her men. Linked with Warren Beatty, Jerry Brown, Raymond Burr, James Dean, Dennis Hopper, Tab Hunter, Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Robert Wagner, and Christopher Walken. Woods, James. Vain. Difficult to work with. Abuser of women. Has a taste for multiples. Linked with Heather Graham, Nicollette Sheridan & Sean Young. Woods, Tiger. Emotionally and mentally immature, for all his skill and composure on the golf course. Cheap and a bad tipper for all his millions. Greedy. Has a thing for gambling, strippers, hookers, and porn. Very rude to the little people. Has a jones for blonde white women. Wyle, Noah. Closeted FOD, or so the story goes. Also supposed to have a thing for older women. Xuxa. Hates the kids on her show. Flashed some skin in a movie once, but never did porn. Linked to John-John Kennedy. Yoakum, Dwight. Hygienically challenged. Emotionally (and possibly physically) abusive towards women. Hard to work with, and throws tantrums if his tea isn't fresh. Linked with Sheryl Crow, Bridget Fonda, Sharon Stone, and Charlize Theron. Young, Loretta. Sanctimonious goody-goody, but had a child by Clark Gable and claimed she adopted the child. Young, Robert. Alcoholic. Young, Sean. Difficult to work with. Pot user. Zane, Billy. Hard to work with. Switch-hitter. Linked with Kate Moss. Zappa, Dweezil. Linked with Sandra Bullock & Sharon Stone. Zellweger, Renee. Linked with Jim Carrey and George Clooney. Zombie, Rob. A very nice man.

I think I've done a pretty terrific job of ignoring the Roger Clemens on 60 Minutes bullshit, but this was too good for me to pass up.  And by "too good to pass up" I mean it's the first thing about Clemens that hasn't been a complete waste of my time.  Seriously, more people need to be like me and ignore stories that are pointless and annoying, like Jose Canseco speaking, or the NBA Playoffs.  More people need to be like me in general, but that's a whole 'nother can of worms entirely.

Roger snipes steroids

roger snipes steroids


roger snipes steroidsroger snipes steroidsroger snipes steroidsroger snipes steroidsroger snipes steroids