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Supervised practice must be completed in accordance with the requirements set out in the Board’s Supervised Practice Arrangements Standard . After completion of at least 75% of supervised practice hours, Stream B candidates will be required to undertake a registration assessment directed by the Board which may include an oral examination (pharmacy law and ethics) and/or oral examination (practice). After successful completion of any prescribed assessment(s) and assigned supervised practice hours, Stream B candidates are eligible to apply for general registration.

This module is a core module of the OSPAP diploma course. It introduces the principles and skills required to practice evidence-based medicine and problem solving as a clinical pharmacist. It covers the presentation, clinical features and management of cardiovascular, endocrine, gastrointestinal, reproduction, dermal, respiratory, neurological, inflammatory, and infective disease in patients. This module will provide students with an insight into the management of these conditions in primary and secondary care as well as dealing with aspects of responding to symptoms and public health associated with these conditions. The module is designed to integrate clinical and scientific knowledge as they relate to patient care. It exposes the student to real clinical situations and near patient learning, as each student needs to spend one and a half days in a hospital setting as part of their compulsory placements.

Overseas pharmacy steroids

overseas pharmacy steroids


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