Octyl salicylate steroids

Side effects of Testosterone Propionate (and how to counter them)  

Estrogenic side effects of Testosterone:  

The primary side effects of Testosterone Propionate surround its ability to aromatize into Estrogen. Testosterone itself possesses a moderate level of Estrogenic activity - it holds a moderate affinity to bind to the aromatase enzyme (the enzyme responsible for the conversion of Testosterone into Estrogen). Because of that, a moderate level of aromatization is expected from Testosterone use. To counter this problem there are two solutions: 

I know this is 9 months old, but someone probably still has the question. If you are traveling in a cold area, your gear probably got too cold at some point. Heat it up in warm/hot water (not boiling) and shake it. If you get test from a pharmacy, the paperwork actually recommends doing this if you think it might have ever gotten cold. I do it each time I inject to thin the oil. Just put a little water in a pan. Heat it some. Test it with your finger. If it's hot but not burning you it's good. Make sure to turn off the heat. Soak your vial in it. Don't let the water get on the top. I use like 1/3 inch of water only. After a minute it should be warm. Shake it. The higher the concentration, the more important it is to do this. Too hot might oxidize it do be careful.

Octyl salicylate steroids

octyl salicylate steroids