Long term use of prednisolone steroids

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Are you just taking paracetomol or cocodamol? If just paracetomol, does it work? I never found it did which is why I was transferred to co-codamo. l am taking co-codamol 30/500 which is 30g codeine and 500g paracetomol which does deal with the pain I have from several different conditions. I have been taking 2 tablets 2-3 times per day for over 15 years and have had not problems apart from acid reflux for which I take omeprazole. Just about everybody I know that has had problems with co-codamol long or short term, it has been because they have not stuck to the dose ie they have have taken too much and/or too often. 

The findings in this report are subject to at least five limitations. First, although the cumulative dose of the first episode of opioid use is described, the likelihood of long-term use when the prescriber was titrating the dose was not determined. Rather, the total cumulative dose was calculated, which might have been increasing or decreasing over time. Second, the extent to which chronic opioid use was intentional versus the outgrowth of acute use is not known. Less than 1% of patients in this analysis were prescribed Schedule II long-acting opioids at the outset, so intentional chronic opioid prescribing might be uncommon; however, approximately 10% of patients were prescribed tramadol, which might indicate intentional chronic opioid prescribing. Third, information on pain intensity or duration were not available, and the etiology of pain, which might influence the duration of opioid use, was not considered in the analysis. Fourth, the frequency of prescriptions having certain days’ supplied (., prescriptions with a 7-day supply would be more frequently observed than those with an 11- or 13-day supply) was not considered. The variability in the relationships between days’ supply, the cumulative dose, and duration of first episode and the probability of long-term use could be affected. Finally, prescriptions that were either paid for out-of-pocket or obtained illicitly were not included in the analysis.

Long term use of prednisolone steroids

long term use of prednisolone steroids


long term use of prednisolone steroidslong term use of prednisolone steroidslong term use of prednisolone steroidslong term use of prednisolone steroidslong term use of prednisolone steroids