Listeroid parts kit

Well; I don’t know exactly what to say to that set of post’s by Neil. Lord Willing, I’ve seen how Ethanol blended fuels separate first hand by putting some in a mason jar, 3/4
full and let it set and watch what happens over time with a sealed lid. I shook it up and let it stand. It turned a light milkey color, then; After about 2 weeks, sure enough. Water started forming in the bottom. Try it and see. I’m on you’re side George. For years straight gasoline was the way to go. Not anymore! I’m trying to go diesel all the way as hard as I can! BTW; Excellent idea on turning that single bearing into a self standing generator head. I’d like to try that myself.

Long story short, I spent two weeks researching, cleaning off and aligning timing marks (three of them) and removing access panels and accessories. I would fix this sucker. After all, how hard could it be? Then as I was waiting for the courage to remove what I was sure was the offending pump a man rang my doorbell and asked if I had an Oliver for sale. He needed one. I told him the situation as best I could. He made an offer on the stipulation I put it back together in running condition so he could load it, which I accepted and which I did.

Listeroid parts kit

listeroid parts kit


listeroid parts kitlisteroid parts kitlisteroid parts kit