Listeroid diesel kit

The only engine Ozlisteroids will not be importing from the JKSon range will be the CS16/2 because of the close proximity in terms of price and performance to both the CS12/2 and CS20/2. Our engines are modified to include taper roller bearing main journals, upgraded idler gear, oil pump and oil filter kit standard, basic whitworth OE spanner toolkit, spare piston rings, manual, head gasket and other spares depending on the model.

We also ask the manufacturer not to test run the engine - so any excess casting sand or metal from the casting process can be cleaned out by the end user as a DIY or OzListeroids as a fee for service, the engine crankcase is not painted to deter assemblers from leaving sand trapped under paint in the crankcase, we specify that body filler not be used which reduces the plastic appearance of the cast and it also makes sure that the end user is aware of any potential flaws in the cast iron assemblies - such as flywheels, flywheels are not tightened at the factory so they can be removed if necessary by the DIY - the flywheels can be removed for ease of moving the engine on site and refitted and the gib keys locked into place, fuel pumps and injectors are MICO (Indian Bosch).

Optional thermostat housing kits and upgraded fuel filter kits are available for both single and twin cylinder engines; a snapshot about JKSon Group of Industries - the manufacturer of the engines.

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Listeroid diesel kit

listeroid diesel kit


listeroid diesel kitlisteroid diesel kitlisteroid diesel kitlisteroid diesel kitlisteroid diesel kit