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Africa would be split into five pharma trading regions that can encourage local manufacturing within each zone. The AMA would then take on the huge role of receiving registrations from manufacturers on a single template, validating the data and the manufacturing source, and holding the information securely on behalf of the countries’ drug regulatory authorities. It has the potential to vastly improve the speed of getting drugs to market, something that is especially important with anti-viral therapies and treatments for emerging infections such as Ebola.

PV Specialist
Future Pharmaceutical Industries A well Established national Pharmaceutical Company which is looking for hiring the following vacancies:
- Title : PV Specialist
- Job Description
Responsible for all PV activities and reporting including: ...
• Preparation & submission of PBRERs
• Preparation, submission, implementation & follow up of RMPs
• Collection, preparation & submission of ICSRs
• Medical literature searching
• Implementation of safety variations to PILs
• Education: Bachelor degree of pharmaceutical science & Medicine.
• Certificates of the updated Common Arab Guidelines of GVP.
• Professional experience in pharmacovigilance (Previous preparation & submission of PV reports.
• Excellent English language.
• Professional user of Microsoft office (Word – Excel – PowerPoint)
Please send an update with a recent photo and mention the job title in the subject line to the following email:

Future pharmaceuticals steroids

future pharmaceuticals steroids


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