Frozen shoulder steroid shot

I am having sever knee dropping pain in my shoulder, humorous areas front and back and my shoulder blade. If was left to me to research my source of pain when PC said they didn’t have time to research patients problems online. It seems to me that is there job. Anyway, what I can up with was Subscapularius disorder, MS, Cancer etc. I started lidocaine injections and depending on the site can be extremely painful. My insurance does not cover acupuncture or Chiropractic adjustments, so when injections are not helping we are only left pain medications which are hard to come by. Due to government guidelines pain centers treat chronic pain patients like they are drug seekers or drug dealers. We have to check in every 28 days and submit to urine drug testing. I have no problem with going in every three months as before, but I have a problem with being treated like a prisoner on parole and checking in to our Parole Officer (Pain clinics) and submitting to drug tests every 28 days. It is bad enough to have to live my life around this pain, but to live it around a 28 day cycle is not right. I am not a drinker, but I have found that alcohol helps a lot with the pain. So, our government is going to cause chronic pain patients to become alcoholics, just because of a small percentage of people abusing pain medication.

The subjects were 76 patients aged 33 to 73 years at the beginning of the study. The duration of the frozen shoulder was one to 15 months (mean months) and hypertension was noted in 13 patients as a complicated disorder. A single course of steroid therapy consisted of a total dose of 105 mg of prednisolone over approximately a three-week period by the dose-tapering method. The number of courses varied with the degree of symptom relief but the rest period between courses was always approximately four weeks. The results were assessed on the basis of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association (JOA) score, but the principal evaluations were pain and range of motion.

Frozen shoulder steroid shot

frozen shoulder steroid shot


frozen shoulder steroid shotfrozen shoulder steroid shotfrozen shoulder steroid shotfrozen shoulder steroid shotfrozen shoulder steroid shot