Female pro bodybuilder steroid cycle

Trying to detach from traditions seldom causes a big deal of pain and struggles to go through. However, the price of managing to detach yourself from pre-set norms is much much smaller than the price you would eventually have to pay if you just conform to what you are told to, for it is the price of your own happiness. The freedom of our heart is what makes us unique and authentic therefore the way we express our creativity in projecting our dreams into reality, following our passions and calls, this is what makes us happy human beings.

I’m currently the biggest I’ve ever been with the level of conditioning I have, I’m hard with definition and have striations in my ass, hams and triceps, now I’m not in comp shape sure I have body fat but I am not fat, I am hard to the touch and am tipping the scale at almost 175lbs at 5ft 2. I had a look at some of the competition and I do respect anyone that does sessions but never call me a fat pig again, after what I saw some were fat and many looked like figure gals however if that’s what you enjoy great,but now I can understand why guys want to see pictures all the time as yrs ago that never happened.

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Female pro bodybuilder steroid cycle

female pro bodybuilder steroid cycle


female pro bodybuilder steroid cyclefemale pro bodybuilder steroid cyclefemale pro bodybuilder steroid cyclefemale pro bodybuilder steroid cyclefemale pro bodybuilder steroid cycle