All pro bodybuilders use steroids

•    People copy the dietary practices of pro bodybuilders on androgens. Steroids enable you to assimilate far more protein than you’d normally could.
•    People based their recommendations on the flawed nitrogen balance studies back from when the world was still flat.
•    The more is better heuristic. There are so many studies showing protein is good for you, it’s hard not to think more of it is even better.
•    Supplement companies have an obvious financial incentive to make you want to believe you need more protein than you really do. There are actually several industry-sponsored studies showing absolutely miraculous benefits of consuming more protein (see for example the studies by Cribb).
•    People can’t be bothered with decimals and just round up to the nearest convenient integer, which so happens to be an easy to remember 1.

Wheeler is a retired American IFBB professional bodybuilder. He won the Arnold Classic, which was a record five times, and was described by Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of the greatest bodybuilders he had ever seen. He had placed second at the 1993 Mr. Olympia, something he did again in 1998 and 1999. To date, he is a 5-time Ironman Pro winner, 4-time Arnold Classic winner, and has won the France Grand Prix, South Beach Pro Invitational, Night of Champions, and Hungarian Grand Prix. In 1999, he found out that he had focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, which is a form of kidney disease. Wheeler said that the condition is hereditary, although many believe it is from drug use that probably accelerated its onset.

All pro bodybuilders use steroids

all pro bodybuilders use steroids


all pro bodybuilders use steroidsall pro bodybuilders use steroidsall pro bodybuilders use steroidsall pro bodybuilders use steroidsall pro bodybuilders use steroids